Arcadia Round Barn

The Arcadia Round Barn, a landmark on the historic U.S. Route 66, is a tourist attraction in Arcadia (Oklahoma), United States. William Harrison Odor, a local farmer, built it in 1898 with native bur oak boards that were soaked in green while being pressed into the curves for the walls. The second level was added for community gathering. Arcadia prospered after the railroad arrived. In the 1920s, the newly commissioned Route 66 passed through Arcadia and passed next to the Round Barn. The barn was the most photographed landmark along Route 66 over time. The popularity of Arcadia and its barn declined with the decrease in traffic on Route 66 after the introduction of the Interstate. The 60-foot diameter roof fell in 1988. Luther Robison led a team of volunteers who rebuilt the structure. Restoration work was completed in 1992. The old barn is now a tourist attraction. Visitors can admire the engineering and architectural details of America’s only round barn.