Center of the Universe

The so-called CENTER of THE UNIVERSE is located in downtown Tulsa. It’s marked by a small circle of concrete in the middle of larger circles of bricks. Although it’s not much to see, it’s still worth the effort.

A mysterious phenomenon known as the “Center of the Universe”, is an obscure acoustic phenomenon. The sound of your voice is amplified several times more than the original source when you make a noise in the middle. This is your private amplified echo chamber. According to legend, there could be a foghorn in the middle of the circle that is not heard by those outside. Although it may sound exaggerated, your voice can be heard outside of the circle. It is an amazing effect.


The Lake George Mystery Spot, another acoustical vortex which seems to defy the laws physics, is also caused by sound reflection off a circular wall. In this case the planter. Despite many studies on the strange anomaly, there isn’t a consensus. It doesn’t matter what the cause of natural sonic distortion is, it is an incredible place.


Before you go

The brick path that leads to the pedestrian bridge over railroad tracks is accessible from the corner at N. Boston Ave. and W. Archer St. It is located just northwest of the Union Train Depot, now the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame. Another landmark in Tulsa is the “Artificial Cloud” sculpture. It’s just a stone’s throw from the Center of the Universe. The Center of the Universe can be found at the intersection of Archer Street, Boston Avenue. It is easily accessible.