Myriad Botanical Gardens

Myriad Gardens, which covers 15 acres of lush greenery near the downtown core, is a great spot to take a peaceful outdoor stroll among flowerbeds or horticultural displays. These gardens also have a children’s play area, bubbling fountains, and walking and jogging paths. The off-leash dog park is open to Fido. Enjoy a stroll, a meal at the patio and garden, or ice skate at the Devon Ice Rink in winter.

The Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory indoors cultivates plants in hot weather climates. It has both wet and dry varieties. Acrylic panels in the conservatory allow for plenty of Oklahoma sunlight to brighten the space. The conservatory has a fee, but the outdoor garden is free.

The Myriad Botanical Gardens, a botanical garden covering 17 acres (69,000m2), is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It can be found at the southwest corner of Robinson and Reno. Multiple tiers of densely planted areas surround the sunken lake. The Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory is its main feature. It measures 224 feet (68m) and features towering palm trees, tropical flowers, waterfalls and exotic animals. Education

Each calendar year, the Myriad Botanical Gardens offers a variety of education opportunities for both youth and adults. Group education opportunities may be eligible for special rates.


Rainforest Ecology Activity Program is designed for second- and fourth graders. This program focuses on specific themes in ecology and biology while using an inquiry-based, hands-on approach to understanding.


The Roaming the Rainforest summer education course provides an introduction to ecology and a focus on conservation and education in the Rainforest. It takes place every Tuesday and Wednesday in June, July and August. All are welcome, including daycare, church, and homeschool groups.


The Junior Master Gardener program is a one-week intensive summer day program for children aged 7-12 years. The curriculum focuses on conservation, biology, and horticulture. Many hands-on activities are included.


One of the Gardens’ most cherished events is the Oklahoma Gardening School. The Oklahoma Gardening School, which is held on the first Saturday of March, features renowned garden experts from Oklahoma and the South/Southwest regions of the US. The topics vary each year and can include best trees and shrubs to plant in Oklahoma, sustainable vegetable gardening, flower gardening, and other topics. Visit the website to see a list of speakers.


The Gardens are Art

Many pieces of art are housed in the Myriad Botanical Gardens. Gateway is a sculpture by Hans Van de Bovenkamp that stands on a raised bed in the northeast corner. Robin Orbach’s 1992 work Childhood is Everlasting is located in the southwest quadrant. The Philodendron Dome, which is located on the northwest shore of the lake, is a dome-shaped structure on an iron and bronze base measuring 8′ x 9.’ Visitors can view the bronze plant’s “dome” from beneath by climbing iron vines.


Flying Fish is a kinetic sculpture by Kenny McCage that can be found in the Gardens’ east lakes. Land of the Brave and the Free, a kinetic wind sculpture made of bright colors and archetypal forms, is located in the Gardens’ east lake. It is located on the west side the Gardens. It was donated by Susan Pascal Beran, a California artist, to the Festival of the Arts in 2002. The Spirit Poles, which are located adjacent to the north fountain plaza of the City of Oklahoma City, were given to it by the City of Tulsa as a gift in celebration of Oklahoma’s centennial in 2007.

Address: 301 West Reno, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma