Orr Family Farm

The camping fun goes year-round in the first temperature-controlled Conestoga wagons in North America. Glamping offers wagons that sleep four to six people with comfortable bedding, plush mattresses and private bathrooms that include showers. A separate campground provides wagons that can sleep eight and have direct access to the fishing lake, clean bathrooms, and plush mattresses. The Farm offers a variety of Farm activities for guests. Guests can enjoy all Farm activities, including ziplining, train rides, and many more, even if the Farm is closed. Even when the Farm closes, guests can still enjoy the Farm’s playgrounds, giant jumping pillows and fishing, as well as other activities for the family. Dr. Glenn Orr started construction on the Orr family farm in 2003. They opened their first season in 2004.

The Orr family has been growing this business together since its inception. Tom Orr, his son, and Debbie Orr, both graduates of Oklahoma University School of Business have worked closely to make it a success. Shanain Kemp, Kathy Stallings and Ron Greeson have all contributed to making the Orr Family Farm what it is today. Rachel Cates, lodging manager and Lucy Torres (business development director), are two new ‘family’ members.

The Orr Family Farm, a family-friendly escape located in the heart of Oklahoma City, is a stunning getaway. The Farm offers many rides, educational opportunities and birthday parties as well as corporate events, weddings, and corporate events. There is also delicious food and treats.

Orr Family Farm is open for spring season from March through June. It closes in the middle of June and then opens for fall season, which runs mid-September through mid November each year. May 20, 2013, Changed the Farm for Ever

An EF5 tornado ripped through Southwest Oklahoma City, Moore, Oklahoma on May 20, 2013. The Orr Family Farm was directly affected by the tornado. Although the Orr Family Farm’s employees, family members, and animals barn animals survived the tornado, substantial damage to buildings and amusement rides sustained the Farm.

In 2013, the summer was spent with generous volunteers, community leaders and donors to rebuild and reopen the Orr Family Farm in the fall 2013. We are grateful to all who helped, offered encouragement, or made arrangements to give the Orr Family Farm a chance to rebuild. In 2013, we celebrated both a rebuild as well as our 10th anniversary season!