Paseo, Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City’s artistic identity was largely located in the Paseo Arts District. This small neighborhood is just north of downtown and hosts nearly 80 artists and 20 studios. All of these are open every Friday for an art walk, even during winter months. Visual arts have been thriving in downtown Oklahoma City since the redevelopment of its urban core.

Over 20 galleries and over 80 artists call the Paseo home. They are all located within walking distance on the two-block stretch of Paseo that retains its Spanish revival architecture, which includes original stucco buildings and clay roof tiled roofs. HISTORY OF PASEO

Oklahoman G.A. developed the Paseo in 1929. Nichols was the first to open a shopping center north of downtown. Paseo has always had an arts component. The Elms is a studio and resident art gallery that was established at 27th Street and Walker in 1920. It was Oklahoma City’s first artist studio. The Paseo was a place for small businesses, student parties, and jazz clubs in the 1950s. The 1960s introduced counter culture, with its creativity and open spirit.


The Paseo’s transformation into an arts district began in the 1970s. In 1977, the Paseo Arts Festival began. The Paseo Arts Association was established in 1981 to help organize and revitalize Oklahoma’s first district.