Rose District

Broken Arrow’s old area was arid prairie land. Local residents planted rosebushes to beautify the area, which became the “Rose District”. This area of Broken Arrow is now known for its beautiful flowers, but also because it has the best shopping, dining, nightlife, and nightlife areas in town. There are over 70 businesses located here.

Keep this in mind when you visit Broken Arrow to see the growing bar and restaurant scene. ROSE DISTRICT

Names of destinations are chosen carefully to create an emotional connection and evoke a certain image.

The city’s leaders decided to name the downtown Broken Arrow rezoned area an arts and entertainment district. They chose to honor Broken Arrow’s rich heritage, which was established in 1902.

Early civic leaders recognized the need to beautify Broken Arrow’s prairie-like landscape and asked residents to plant trees, bushes and flowers. Rose bushes became a popular choice, and Broken Arrow was soon referred to as the “City of Roses”.

Civic leaders today are transforming Broken Arrow’s landscape by revitalizing the historic downtown to bring back the community to its former glory and make it a place of gathering for all.

The Rose District will be undergoing a $4M makeover. This is to improve pedestrian accessibility and accommodate larger events.