Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History

The Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History, which is located on the University of Oklahoma campus, houses a museum dedicated to natural history. An act of the Oklahoma Territorial Legislature established the museum in 1899. The museum’s current building was built in 1999. It houses approximately 7 million objects and specimens from 12 collections. The museum covers approximately 50,000 square feet (4,600m2) and has five galleries. It also features exhibits that give a detailed tour of Oklahoma’s natural heritage. It is one of the largest university-based natural science museums in the world. [2]

The original 1899 legislature-chartered museum had previously occupied smaller quarters on campus before its 1999 expansion and relocation. It was formerly known as the Stovall Museum of Science & History. This museum was named after J. Willis Stovall who was a paleontologist and professor at the University of Michigan.