Woodward Park

People have been trekking to the area between 21st and Peoria since 1909 to enjoy the natural beauty of the area and to celebrate special moments.

Woodward Park is a well-known and oldest public area in Tulsa. It has been a popular destination for Tulsans over the past century. Woodward Park was preserved despite the growing city around it. The Park, gardens and buildings reflect many of the changes and growths in the city’s past. Woodward Park’s importance to the community earned it a place on the National Register of Historic Places in 2014. This gives it an even greater place in the hearts of Tulsans who treasure it. Woodward Park, a 45-acre (18 ha), public park, botanical garden and arboretum, is located east of South Peoria Avenue in Tulsa (Oklahoma) in the Midwestern United States. After a long court battle over ownership, the park was named after Helen Woodward, who was the original owner.

It was created to give visitors an opportunity to learn about a wide range of horticultural subjects. There are many specialty gardens in the park, including ones that feature spring flowers, tropical plants, and cacti. It is well-known for its azaleas and tulips. Established in 1935, the Rose Garden features more than 9,000 roses from over 250 varieties.